Global Beta ETFs Teams with Impact Partners and S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Two Factor Based ETFs

PHILADELPHIA, PA July 24, 2020 — Global Beta ETFs announced today expanding its factor based suite of ETFs listing the Global Beta Low Beta ETF (Ticker: GBLO), and the Global Beta Momentum Growth ETF (Ticker: GBGR) on the NYSE Arca. Both ETFs list with an annual net expense ratio of 29 basis points.

“We’re excited to introduce two new strategies today that help investors gain targeted factor exposure at a more attractive valuation relative to their peer group,” said Vince Lowry, CEO of Global Beta ETFs. “At this point in the equity cycle, we believe the easy money has been made, and that valuations of traditional broad-base, capitalization-weighted index funds have become significantly stretched relative to their historic averages. Our research indicates that, across all relevant factors in the market, improving the price-to-sales ratio within a portfolio can significantly improve returns, and can provide investors an additional level of downside risk mitigation. Given the current market environment today, we believe valuation is more important than ever.”

The Global Beta Low Beta ETF (GBLO) seeks to track the performance (before fees and expenses) of the Global Beta Low Beta Factor Index. The index is composed of stocks from the S&P 500 index with the lowest beta relative to the S&P 500. GBLO is designed to provide exposure to domestic large cap names with the lowest systematic risk to the broad market. GBLO was developed with the goal to provide investors a low beta market exposure, at a better valuation than market capitalization weighted indexes, and with an effort to provide robust mitigation of downside risk during periods of heightened market volatility.

The Global Beta Momentum-Growth ETF (GBGR) seeks to track the performance (before fees and expenses) of the Global Beta Momentum-Growth Factor Index. The index is composed of stocks from the S&P 500 index with the highest year-over-year sales growth. GBGR was developed with the aim to provide investors exposure to domestic large-cap securities with the highest sales growth and momentum, at better valuations than market capitalization-weighted indexes.

“Global Beta ETFs has partnered exclusively with Impact Partners Consulting and Distribution to lead the sales and marketing efforts for our factor-based suite of ETFs,” continued Justin Lowry, CIO of Global Beta ETFs.

“We are honored that Global Beta ETFs has entrusted Impact Partners to spearhead their ETF marketing initiatives,” added John Davenport, Partner with Impact Partners. We have a great deal of respect for the work that Vince, Justin and their team have produced over the years, and firmly believe that the Global Beta suite of factor-based ETF strategies help solve many of the issues investors face in today’s challenging markets, offering advisors and their clients an important foundation for a well-designed portfolio.”

Impact Partners is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) focused entirely on building long-term relationships between advisors and industry-leading investment managers. With nearly 100 years of combined financial services and business development related experience, Impact Partners is uniquely positioned to help advisors across the full spectrum of their practice. From offering world-class investment strategies to introducing advisors to top industry consultants and services, Impact Partners strives to be that ‘first call’ resource for financial advisors across the industry. For additional information please visit,

Global Beta Advisors, is a Registered Investment Advisor based in Philadelphia, PA. Working in partnership with Impact Partners, S&P, US Bank, NYSE, Foreside and Stradley Ronon our combined expertise harnesses the strengths and abilities from diverse corners of the investing ecosystem to deliver our clients a best in class experience. Discover how Global Beta ETFs offer smart, diversified, low-cost access to global investment markets. For additional information please visit our website:

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1The gross expense ratio for GBLO is 0.36% and the net expense ratio is .29%.
2The gross expense ratio for GBGR is 0.36% and the net expense ratio is .29%.

Beta is a measure of the relative volatility of a security as compared to the market.Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. There can be no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective. The Funds are subject to the principal investment risks noted below, any of which may adversely affect the Fund’s net asset value (“NAV”), trading price, yield, total return and ability to meet its investment objective. The Funds are classified as “non-diversified” and may be more susceptible to a single adverse economic or regulatory occurrence affecting one or more of these issuers, experience increased volatility and be highly invested in certain issuers.

GLBO Risks: A portfolio comprised of low volatility stocks may not produce investment exposure that has lower variability to changes in such stocks’ price levels. Low volatility stocks are likely to underperform the broader market during periods of rapidly rising stock prices.

GBGR Risks: The Fund invests in growth securities, which may be more volatile than other types of investments, may perform differently than the market as a whole and may underperform when compared to securities with different investment parameters.

The Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses should be considered before investing. The prospectus contains this and other important information, and may be obtained at

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